San Diegan artist and photographer Jeffrey Michael Cloud portrays the dance between body and spirit, by capturing the interplay of light, images and sound.

Jeff creates his prints with only a 35mm camera and nothing else! No computers are used to enhance these prints. His process is truly unique!

Jeff has traveled to spiritually powerful places around the world to collect many of the objects that he uses to create his unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art, using only lights, images, sound, and a camera. All objects have gathered more of their incredible energy by being used in many sacred ceremonies. Here's what some people are saying about his powerful gift:
"A burgeoning oracle for the mass consciousness shifting into higher evolution. Your images speak volumes for the rooms within our soul that move forward without speech towards the light." - Michael Patrick, Collector of Fine Art

We offer the finest quality gallery prints for adding chi and positive energy to any environment.

These are collectors prints in limited editions of 500. Each print is personally signed and numbered by the artist.

No computer manipulation or graphic imaging is used in the process of creating his one-of-a-kind photographic images!

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